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Welcome to the Arconix FAQ Wiki page. Below you'll find information on using the plugin.



  • Add the plugin from your WordPress dashboard by navigating to Plugins -> Add New and searching for Arconix FAQ or download the plugin from the WordPress website and manually uploading it to your wp-content/plugins directory
  • Activate the plugin from your Plugins -> Installed Plugins menu


Adding FAQ items

On activation, you'll see a new menu item on the navigation menu (above Comments) called FAQ

  1. Navigate to FAQ -> Add New
  2. Fill out the Title and put the answer in the editor box below
  3. If you'd like to add it to an FAQ group, add that in the 'Group' taxonomy box
  4. In the FAQ Settings box that has options for adding a "Return to Top" link for long FAQs and configuring whether the FAQ is loaded open or closed by default
  5. Click Publish when finished
  6. Rinse and repeat for each FAQ item

Displaying FAQ's on your site

  1. Create a new page and use the shortcode -- [faq]. All your items will be displayed and operated with jQuery toggle functionality


Shortcode options

The shortcode accepts the following parameters:

  • 'order' -> ASC (ascending) or DESC (descending)
  • 'orderby' -> title and any other acceptable value
  • 'posts_per_page' -> -1
  • 'group' -> *blank or the slug of a specific group you'd like to display (Slug is the web-appropriate version of the Group term, which means just letters and numbers, which spaces replaced by dashes)

Example -- If we wanted the FAQ's to be displayed like WordPress posts are (descending order by date) from the "billing" group, then we'd use the following:

[faq order="DESC" orderby="date" group="billing"]


FAQ Linking

If you'd like to link to a specific FAQ item, that's available as of v1.2.0. Let's assume the path to my FAQ page was mydomain.com/faq/ and I had an FAQ titled "How do you ship?" If I wanted to send a link directly to that FAQ, this would be the web address I'd supply: mydomain.com/faq/#faq-how-do-you-ship. Note the #faq before the slug'd title when creating your own links. When in doubt, check the source code for your FAQ page, find the title you want and grab the value of the 'id' parameter.


<div id="faq-faq-3" class="arconix-faq-title faq-closed">FAQ 3</div>

In this case we'd be using 'faq-faq-3' because this FAQ's title is "FAQ 3".