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Welcome to the Arconix Shortcodes Wiki page. Below you'll find links to description and syntax information for all the available shortcodes


Once you've installed and activated the plugin, you'll be able to start using these shortcodes in your posts, pages and widgets.

Please note for purposes of this wiki, attribute values identified with a * note the default value.


Shortcode Listing


Compatibility mode

There are other plugins and themes in the WordPress universe that happen to use the same shortcode names as my plugin. As such, a compatibility mode was a heavily requested feature. Turning on compatibility mode is very easy. Just a simple line added to your theme's functions.php file

define( 'ACS_COMPAT', true ); // Arconix Shortcodes Compatibility Mode

That will prefix all shortcodes with 'ac-'. For example, if I wanted to use the box shortcode, instead of using [box]My box content[/box], I'll use [ac-box]My box content[/ac-box].

This does not change shortcodes already added, so if you're turning on compatibility mode after you've already been using this plugin, you'll need to edit the posts/pages, etc... and update the shortcodes to the proper form.